About Our Company

Based in Raleigh,NC, Coastal Business Concepts is a sales and marketing firm that partners with multi-billion dollar firms. We provide these companies with a professionally trained team that helps bridge the gap and personalize multi-billion dollar brands. Since opening in 2019, we have exceeded every expectation set by our clients and have established growth plans for 2 new locations within the year.

Firms also trust working with us because we employ sales and leadership methods that have been used for over 20 years and have statistical data to back them up. Training at Coastal Business Concepts focuses on basic sales techniques, advanced communication skills, self-management, and team management training. Also, everything at Coastal Business Concepts is done within our firm and on a face-to-face level. As society becomes more confined and separated by screens, our firm removes all excess and personalizes sales and products with a genuine smile, handshake, and conversation. 

Coastal Business Concepts has huge goals for the next year, and we won’t stop there! We are committed to keeping our standards high, acting with strong integrity and humility, celebrating small victories along the way, and rewarding our team with internal advancement opportunities.

To learn more about Coastal Business Concepts, please visit our website at https://coastalbusinessconcepts.com or feel free to contact us!